In Italy, MANY Professional Educators are discriminated in jobs and competitions.

the Faculty of Medicine has an unfair monopoly on the professional qualification.


Appeal to the European Institutions and to a.i.e.j.i (international association of educators)


Distinguished  Colleagues  and  Doctors,

we are Social Educators graduate and undergraduate students of the Degree Course called Sciences Of Education and Training. The Course is present in all the Universities in the humanities throughout Italy.

After the closure of the Regional Courses For Educators took place during the mid-90s, these Universities were the first to enable the graduate program in Professional Educator from 1995 to 2006, during the studies we have supported many examinations of pedagogy, medicine , psychology, sociology and philosophy, and we have done internships in the fields of health and social services, both public and private.

Taking as reference the 2005, while some of our universities with faculties of ex-teaching, the first of the same year and until a few years later, continued to grant us the outlet as Professional Educators in the health and social issues, was born in that year against us without our knowledge and an undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Medicine which formed the so-called Educator "Health" interpreting and applying the wrong standard of reference endorsed by the Ministerial Decree 520/98.

Meanwhile, the three-year degrees have taken in this professional field of application the place of four years. In other universities were activated the so-called inter-faculty courses were instead the correct orientation under DM 520/98 which provided adequate training in connection with the universities and the so-called enabling health.

This situation has fragmented and uneven generated a problem of dual training that today sees us Educators Social discrimination in the workplace, especially in the health sector, for the benefit of Educators from the Faculty of Medicine.

We Educators In The Humanities are in Italy hundreds of thousands because in the meantime, the Faculty of Education / Education of Italian Universities, as a result of reform, they still continued to attract thousands of students in the Bachelor programs calling even some courses "Professional Educators" addresses and creating "Social Health" now find themselves with formal titles also identical in wording to that of educators trained in courses in medicine, but with no value.

What a long time we ask our politicians, who often ignore us is a unique educator training, training that involves a process not too medicalised nor unaware of the medical and scientific knowledge necessary to work in health care facilities. In fact, perhaps in response to a need to need training and assistance would be sufficient to improve our existing degree programs, providing them with the so-called "enabling health" instead of creating ambiguities that have led to this long-standing controversial and confrontational situation that does not allow us even to use the adjective professional and puts us in Italy, on the same level of graduates of secondary schools and sometimes even internship students of the same school. We regret very much the fact that everything has been carefully concealed, and that large numbers of young and old who wanted to retrain, have embarked on a course of studies at the end of the course, does not provide career opportunities promised.

This discrimination against us Social Educators excluded from the healthcare industry is leading to a decrease in the numbers of degree courses in the Humanities because now the 'exclusion is for us also in the social sectors, so the Educator in Italy in time become a health care professional.

The laws in our care as the 328/2000, exist but are not implemented. A recent ruling by the Italian State has begun to restore dignity but not enough.

As you know dear colleagues to be damaged beyond us, it's our customers who need, as well as medical care, love, empathy and humanity and to such human qualities our study courses give particular emphasis.

We do not know if the U.E. there are actually similar to the Italian one. We look forward to your feedback and we can contact to represent the World Congress to be held in Luxembourg 2 to 5 April 2013 issue that affects hundreds of thousands of Social Educators.


Professional Educators and Pedagogists from Italy






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